Mikuláš Bröder

* 1928  †︎ 2022

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Mikuláš, a soldier, in the Red Army uniform, 1945.
Mikuláš, a soldier, in the Red Army uniform, 1945.
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Mikuláš Brőder was born on 26th July 1928 at Lučened into a Jewish family. Until 1942 he lived with his parents and one of the two brothers at Topoľčany. The family belonged to the local middle class and kept basic Jewish customs. In the summer 1942 they were deported to the Nováky work camp. After two years, the Brőders managed to get to Banská Bystrica and after the defeat of the Slovak National Uprising they ran to the mountains. On the way Mikuláš got lost. The parents were caught by the Germans and most probably shot at the Kremnička mass grave. Mikuláš joined the partisans and later, after they crossed the river Hron, the Red Army. As the youngest of the partisans, he also took part in fighting. After the February 1948 Communist coup, he left for Israel, since 1958 he lived in Prague. He has received a number of awards. Mikuláš Brőder died on February 22nd, 2022.