Miluše Axamitová

* 1929

  • "His problems remained even when he was already at home. Once he visited his friend in Písek town who got married and just had a baby son, so he invited my husband to the christening ceremony. There were few political prisoners too. Someone found about it and pointed at them. My husband was called to the StB and then frequent summons and searches have begun. When I got back from work everything was upside down, my husband was gone. They kept him at the StB office for the whole day. And this friend of my husband got arrested again."

  • "They arrested my husband on December 2nd 1949. He was one of the people from the group being arrested at the same time in Kdyně town. Among those people there was also my husband´s friend to whom he asked to do a favor. This friend knew the Polesí region well, because he used to spend a lot of time there. My husband asked him whether he could arrange the border crossing for some college students from Prague. They were dismissed from the school due to political reasons so they wanted to go abroad with the intention to finish their studies there. The action was successful."

  • "As soon as we got to the shelter they started to pour the bombs at us. It was terrible attack. When the shelter door re-opened a lot of dust came in. The spa center next to the hospital got hit seven times. The Gestapo building on the other side of the river was hit too. There were two bombs lying on the ground in front of the hospital. Other bombs lay in the garden behind the house, where the Culture Centre is now. People were bringing the injured ones into the shelter; it was awful. When we got up to my uncle´s apartment, all windows in his four - bedroom place were broken."

  • "He teacher gave her a great review. Everything seemed to be alright. But an hour later the director´s deputy came - she was also teaching there - and asked if there is still someone so ´undeveloped´ that attends the religious class and believes in God. My daughter and another girl rose. The very next day her teacher came to her and told her: ´ I´m sorry, Maria. Please read the review I wrote for you. I have to change it now, because of your confession yesterday. You won´t be allowed to the University. You have locked your door because you admitted that you attend the religious classes and that you believe in God. I have to rewrite the review and you can forget about going to the University.´"

  • "They were in the middle of the digging when all of a sudden it was like something told them: ´Go away! ´. They made two steps when the whole ceiling fell down - huge rocks. It would have killed them all."

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„The wedding was postponed for ten years; the groom has been arrested by communists.“

Miluše Axamitová
Miluše Axamitová
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Mrs. Miluše Axamitová - Born Hesová, she was born in 1929. She comes from Zemětice village in Merklín region. After graduating from the Teacher institute in Plzen she worked as a teacher at several grammar schools in Western Bohemia. In 1949, while teaching in Kdyně town she met Antonín Axamit (1913) - the savings officer. They started to see each other. But when they were planning their wedding Antonín Axamit was arrested and sentenced to fifteen years in jail for treason. He was arrested because he arranged the border crossing for three college students. Miluše Hesová waited ten years for him while he was being held in communist camps in Jáchymov town or Vojna camp in Příbram region. He was released on amnesty in May 1960. In August 1960, Miluše Hesová and Antonín Axamit got married. Because of their job they moved to Plzeň region and later to Plzeň town. Antonín Axamit worked for the Building construction company until his retirement. Mrs. Axamit was teaching on grammar school in Plzeň-Litice until her retirement in 1984. Together they had two daughters who were not allowed (by communists) to study due to their father´s past and also for their undisguised Christian faith. After 1989 Mr. Axamit became a member of the Confederation of Political Prisoners, but due to his weak health conditions he was often represented by his wife, who cooperates with the confederation until these days. Mr. Antonín Axamit died in 2000.